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Toxicology & Epidemiology

Toxicology - the study of poisons - and epidemiology - the study of disease patterns in human populations - provide important insight into the potential for contact between people and chemical, infectious, or physical agents to cause injury or illness. Using our training and experience in toxicology, public health, biology, and statistics, we analyze toxicologic and epidemiologic data and studies on behalf of public- and private-sector clients for numerous purposes. For example, we may determine whether an estimated dose of trichloroethylene is likely to cause birth defects, or whether the literature supports an association between exposure to diesel exhaust and low birthweight, or whether drug use by an individual contributed to death. As appropriate for each project, we may develop a literature review, a model of dose response, an opinion about the role of an environmental exposure in a specific person's illness, or provide interpretation and analysis of technical data for non-scientific audiences.